Call for Papers-SEED 2019


Contributions are invited from academia or industry on empirical analysis of existing practices about what has worked and not for engineering these systems. SEED Workshop will provide an opportunity for both exploring new directions, presenting mature research, and discussing learning and teaching strategies and curriculum related issues on software engineering education. Papers may be related to but not limited to the following topics:

  •  Software Engineering Education towards IR 4.0
  •  Paradigms and models for incorporating novel technologies in SE 
  •  Software Engineering education strategies
  •  Curriculum topics and design for software engineering
  •  Self-adaptive software development and teaching
  •  Development Tools and Environments 
  •  Industrial case studies with lessons learnt or practical guidelines
  •  Empirical studies exploring project issues with new technologies
  •  Specific technologies practiced for engineering AI/ Blockchain/ IoT/Augmented Reality .


Paper selection criteria and mechanism

Interested authors should submit original papers via easychair on this SUBMISSION LINK

The paper format must follow the CEUR-WS template of A4 size in PDF format and not exceed 6 pages (including figures, references and appendices). Submitted papers will be reviewed by the dedicated program committee members with respect to the overall quality including presentation, future impact of the research and the likely benefit to the students, academics and professionals who will attend the workshop. Proceedings shall be submitted to for online publication, which is usually indexed by DBLP the world's most comprehensive open bibliographic Computer Science Bibliography, and then by SCOPUS.. The Chairs reserve the right to reject submissions (without reviews) that are not in compliance or out of scope for the workshop submissions, detected with plagiarism and exceed the page limit.

Authors of accepted papers have to register for the workshop. 


Dr. Benajamin  Gan, SMU, Singapore

Dr. Sangeeta Srivastava, University of Delhl, India

Dr. Eng Lieh Ouh, SMU, Singapore

Dr. Rama Bhatia, PSB Academy, Singapore

Dr. Manjot Bhatia, GGSIPU, India

Mr. Bah Tee, James Cook University, Singapore



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